Why Grandpa’s Advice

Ms. Lorena Phemister was my art teacher for 3 years at Arsenal Technical High School. I owe my educational and professional success to Ms. Phemister. I had no plans of continuing my education after graduating from high school. Ms. Phemister encouraged me by giving me information about Herron School of Art, (now known as Herron School of Art and Design of I.U.P.U.I.) She not only gave me information, she also assisted me in getting a portfolio together, and she stayed in contact with me over the four years I attended Herron.

For years I thought I was the only student she took the extra time out to help, but later I found out she had given the same help that she gave to me to others. That was far beyond the call of duty.
I was truly honored to have gotten hired as a full time teacher in 1973 in the art department of Arsenal Technical High school because I was able to work side by side as a co-teacher with my former teacher that I considered an angel to me. I worked with Ms. Phemister for 10 years before she retired.

What Ms. Lorena Phemister gave to me I have given to others over the years, and I plan to continue to do so.

Our children are a reflection of our society, always has been, always will be. If there are, “Little Monsters” running around out there, then we assisted in creating them. When I say we, I am speaking of parents and school systems. From our successful youth in sports and the entertainment field, to urban and suburban teens trying to survive in the streets of our cities, they are screaming, “I have emotions and feelings that I don’t know how to express!” Help me!

Often times they turn to drugs, sex, or violence, or to all three to fill the void of someone really caring in their lives.

I am willing to transparently share with you the personal obstacles I had to overcome to achieve the success I am enjoying in my life.

I am willing to share with you the tremendous success I have enjoyed in the classroom due to the relationships I developed with my students, by using strategies that helped to form life-long connections with many of my graduates.

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