About Wendrel Price

My Mission: To facilitate positive thinking and influence behaviors, empowering a person to make choices necessary to create a success filled environment.

I graduated from arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis Indiana in 1963 with a 1.8 GPA. In 1973 I was hired by the Indianapolis Public School System to work as a full-time teacher at my alma mater, Arsenal Tech High School.

In 1995 I received an, “Outstanding Graduate award.”I retired from the Indianapolis Public School System in 2008 with 35 years of service as a computer graphics teacher, and 12 years as a basketball coach.

These accomplishments took some major adjustments in my behavior and attitude to facilitate changing my environment.

  • Graduated from Herron Shchool or Art now known as Herron School or Art and Design of IUPUI Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Advisory Counsel Chairman for Kairos Prison Ministry Indianapolis, Indiana,
  • Extensive volunteer work in the Indiana Penal System
  • Competed in 21 Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathons and several 10k events
  • Arsenal Technical High School, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Arsenal Technical High School, Distinguished Alumnus Award, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Central Library, Meet The Artist X, Exhibit, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Indianapolis, Museum of Art, A Shared Heritage, Keynote Speaker
  • Indianapolis Public Schools, A.B.C.D. Award
  • National School Traffic Safety Poster Program, Certificate of Appreciation, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Voyages From Darkness To Light, Certificate of Recognition, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Indiana State Youth Pageant, Certificate of Participation
  • Business Encouraging Success for Tomorrow, B.E.S.T. Mentor Program, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Meet The Artist, Central Library, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • IPS Career & Technology Center, Award for Outstanding Performance, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Homecoming Exhibit, Central Library, Indianapolis, Indiana/li>
  • Career in Teaching, Recognizing 38 Years of Service, Indianapolis, Public Schools,
  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Certificate of Recognition
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